Mark Himbo’s Wikipedia and Age: The Missing Person’s Age

The Missing Person: Mark Himbo’s Wikipedia and Disappearance

Mark Himbo’s Wikipedia is available and up-to-date. Born on May 23, 1980, to Jody Himbo and Maureen Himbo, he grew up in Dale Haven, New Jersey, alongside his brother Matthew.

At the time of his disappearance, Mark was last seen wearing a blue shirt and gray trousers, along with a gray jacket and white sneakers gifted by his brother. He has freckles on his face, brown-green eyes, and red hair.

Mark is of white ethnicity, standing at 4 feet tall and weighing 85 pounds when he went missing.

This article delves into the details of Mark Himbo’s disappearance, offering hope for answers in this unsettling case.

Mark Himbo Wikipedia and Age: How old is he?

As of now, Mark Himbo’s Wikipedia page is not available. However, we can provide you with crucial information about the missing boy.

More than thirty years have elapsed since Mark Himbo disappeared under mysterious circumstances on November 25, 1991, in Del Haven, New Jersey. At the time of his disappearance, he was just 11 years old.

On that fateful day, while the residents were battling a nearby wildfire, Mark’s innocent curiosity prompted him to investigate the incident. He expressed interest in the unfolding events and informed his mother, Maureen Himbo, before venturing to the seaside village. Around 4:00 pm, he was last seen in the local park.

Despite extensive efforts to trace him, the case remains unsolved, leaving both his family and authorities with unanswered questions and growing concern about his fate.

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Mark Himebo’s mother, Maureen Himebo, keeps his missing photograph and still hopes to find him 30 years later. (Source: Atlantic City Weekly,


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Maureen Himbo, Mark Himbo’s beloved mother, still has no hope of finding her son who disappeared 30 years ago. (Source: magazine people,

Investigation and research by Mark Himbo

Upon Mark Himbo’s disappearance, the Middle Township local authorities were promptly alerted, initiating a comprehensive investigation.

The community united, mobilizing a large number of volunteers, dog teams, and helicopters to aid in the search operation. Amidst the efforts, a firefighter made a hopeful yet anxious discovery—a single shoe belonging to Mark was found in the sand, raising concerns about his safety.

However, subsequent findings, including one of his sneakers discovered on the beach, prompted investigators to contemplate the disturbing possibility of a potential kidnapping. The situation intensified, leaving both the authorities and the community deeply troubled by the unsettling turn of events.

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Mark Himbo’s mother, Maureen Himbo, is still hoping to meet her baby son Mark Himbo. (Source: magazine people,

Possible suspect in the disappearance of Mark Himbo

As the investigation unfolded, law enforcement officers interviewed various individuals, including Mark’s father, Jody Himbo. Initially, some suspicions arose due to his behavior while others were searching for his son. However, he provided a credible alibi that eliminated him as a suspect.

Another individual who came under scrutiny was Thomas Butkaves Jr. from Pennsylvania, a convicted pedophile. A sketch resembling him was made based on witness accounts of someone seen talking to Mark on the day he went missing. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that while Butkaves was incarcerated for assaulting young boys, there is no solid evidence directly linking him to Mark’s disappearance.

The case remains open, and investigators continue their relentless pursuit of the truth, hoping to uncover the mystery behind Mark Himbo’s vanishing.

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Possible suspect Thomas Butkaves Jr., 57, is a possible suspect in the disappearance of Mark Himbo. (Source: It’s always time for real criminals,

Community reaction and hope for the disappearance of Mark Himbo

The Dale Haven community was profoundly impacted by Mark’s disappearance, and they rallied together in a unified effort to search for him.

Even after three decades, Mark’s memory remains vivid in the hearts of all who knew him. His family, friends, and the entire community still hold on to hope, yearning for his safe return and holding out for either closure or a miracle.

Mark’s mother, Maureen Himbo, demonstrates remarkable patience as she awaits answers, clinging to the hope that advancements in technology may one day provide crucial insights into her son’s fate. The unwavering hope of finding Mark brings solace to those who love him, driving them to continue seeking answers and resolution in this heart-wrenching mystery.

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A movie is based on the disappearance of Mark Himbo, an 11-year-old boy from Del Haven. (Source: please see the tram,

Police use artificial intelligence (AI) to investigate Mark Himbo

In their relentless quest for answers, law enforcement has turned to cutting-edge technology, employing artificial intelligence (AI) to shed light on the case of Mark Himbo.

AI’s remarkable ability to identify hidden patterns and connections offers a fresh perspective that may elude human investigators. With the support of the Volley and Microsoft teams, Chief Christopher Leussner of the Chung Municipal Police has embarked on a pilot program, utilizing AI technology to delve into the enigma of Mark Himbo’s disappearance. This innovative approach not only aims to solve the case but also serves as a potential model for resolving other cold cases.


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A real photo of Mark Himbo (left) and a photo created by artificial intelligence 30 years later. (Source: popular review,

The haunting mystery surrounding Mark Himbo’s vanishing in 1991 continues to weigh heavily on his family and community, leaving them yearning for closure and answers. Despite decades of exhaustive efforts and investigations involving potential suspects, the case remains unresolved.

However, investigators harbor hope that AI’s advancements can offer fresh leads and insights, potentially bringing long-awaited resolution to the case. As the Del Haven community honors Mark’s memory and offers unwavering support to his family, the police remain steadfast in their commitment to seeking justice and uncovering the truth behind this tragic incident.

As the pursuit of answers continues, so does the hope for a breakthrough. Time will reveal whether AI holds the key to unlocking the age-old mystery surrounding Mark Himbo’s disappearance.

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