LoL Players Criticize Riot for “Reused” Ashe Assets in New Kayle Skin

League of Legends Players Upset Over “Reused” Ashe Assets in New Kayle Skin

League of Legends players are expressing their discontent towards Riot for using the same model from the Lunar Empress Ashe skin for the latest Immortal Journey Kayle skin.

League of Legends, known for its diverse champion roster, typically offers unique models for each character to ensure visual distinction. However, skins, which provide alternate outfits and visual effects, sometimes reuse models.

The Immortal Journey skin line, recently showcased on the PBE, has raised eyebrows among players, especially Kayle’s skin. Many players noticed its striking resemblance to the previously released Lunar Empress Ashe skin.

A Reddit user named Boudynasr presented evidence comparing the two skin models, highlighting the similarities in hair and outfit. While Ashe’s bow and Kayle’s wings differentiate the characters, some players sarcastically criticized Riot’s work.

Users also expressed frustration with the accompanying icons for the skins, considering them generic and uninspired.

As the skin is still on the PBE, there is a possibility that Riot might address these concerns and update the model before its official release.

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