Anjem Chowdhary’s Family Origin and Ethnicity

Anjem Chowdhary’s Family: A Complex Background of Pakistani and British Origin

People are curious to know more about the family of Anjem Chowdhary, a prominent Muslim activist and public figure with Pakistani and British roots.

Anjem has gained notoriety as a leading figure in radical British Islam, often being referred to as the “face” or “best known” representative of this movement.

Members of his organization have faced accusations of inciting over 100 foreign fighters to join jihad and have been linked to a significant percentage of terrorist attacks in the UK in 2015.

In 2014, Chaudhry publicly pledged allegiance to the “caliphate” of the Islamic State, marking a shift from his previous “legal life.”

Subsequently, he was convicted under the Terrorism Act 2000 for promoting support for the organization known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Following these actions, the US State Department and the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on him and ordered the seizure of his assets.

Throughout his journey, Anjem Chowdhary has faced severe criticism in the British media and has been condemned by major Muslim organizations.

For a deeper understanding of Anjem Chowdhary’s family, ethnicity, and background, continue reading this article.

Anjema Chowdhary Family Details

Anjem Chowdhary was born to Pakistani Muslim parents who migrated from East Punjab to Pakistan during the partition of India in 1947. His parents were market traders.

He attended Mulgrave Primary School in Woolwich. Later, he married Rubana Akhtar, who became associated with the Al-Muhajirun organization he leads, in 1996. She rose to prominence within the women’s group. The couple has four children.

Anjem Chowdhary pursued his education at Barts Medical School to study medicine. There are rumors that during his student days, he struggled with alcohol and drug addiction.

In 2014, when confronted with accusations of being a “party animal” and engaging in unruly behavior with friends, Chowdhary admitted, “I didn’t always make the right choices… I’ve made many mistakes in my life.”

Anjem Chowdhary family
Detailed information about Anjem Chowdhary’s family is of interest to people. (Source: Wikipedia,

Where is Anjem Choudhary from? Ethnicity and origin

Anjem Choudhary was born on January 18, 1967, in Welling, Bexley, South East London, to a Pakistani Muslim family. His parents are Punjabi Muslims who migrated from East Punjab to Pakistan following the partition of India in 1947.

Growing up, Choudhary attended Mulgrave Primary School in Woolwich. He gained notoriety for making controversial and provocative statements.

As a former lawyer, the 47-year-old is a founding member of Al-Muhajiroon, an organization known for celebrating the 9/11 attacks. Several organizations led by Choudhary, including Islamic4UK, were later banned.


Anjem Chowdhary family
Anjem is a Muslim of Pakistani origin, public and political figure. (Source: Guardian,

He is a follower of radical preacher Omar Bakri Muhammad, who sought refuge in Lebanon after leaving Britain.

Choudhary has been associated with Michael Adebolajo, the convicted killer of Lee Rigby, and other individuals found guilty of violating anti-terrorism laws.

He has often faced ridicule, even from fellow Muslims, for his extreme and divisive views. Despite his limited following, Choudhary remains a controversial figure in the public eye.


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