Idle Heroes Codes: Free Diamonds, Scrolls & More (August 2023)

Idle Heroes Codes (August 2023): Free Diamonds, Scrolls & More

Players can get more items in Idle Heroes, including Diamonds, Heroic Summons, Gems, and Scrolls, by using codes in the game. Here are all the active Idle Heroes codes for August 2023.

Idle Heroes is an action-packed mobile game from developers DH Games that has become one of the best role-playing games available for portable devices. As with many mobile titles, Idle Heroes includes redeemable codes that provide players with unique rewards.

Below, we’ve listed all of the codes that players can redeem for August 2023. These have been checked and are confirmed to be currently working as of August 2, 2023. Some codes will require you to complete certain stages in the game, and upon attempting to redeem it, you’ll be notified of what requirements you need to finish before being able to receive its rewards.

How to redeem codes in Idle Heroes:

  1. Open Idle Heroes, then go to the ‘Cool Events’ menu located at the top-right of the screen.
  2. A window will appear. Select the ‘Cool Events‘ tab.
  3. On the left-hand side, you’ll see ‘Exchange gifts‘, which you’ll likely already be on.
  4. Enter any of the above codes into the box and click ‘Exchange’.
  5. Head over to your in-game mailbox and collect your reward.

What are Idle Heroes codes used for? As mentioned above, these codes can assist players in their in-game adventures. They provide players with many useful items such as Gems and Diamonds to use in the marketplace, casino, and arena. Scrolls are also able to be redeemed with codes, which can be used for Heroic Summons.

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