Andrew Findlay: IT Contractor Found After Boat Accident?

Andrew Findlay’s Disappearance in 2023: Unraveling the Mystery of the IT Contractor Lost in a Boat Accident

The enigmatic life of Andrew Findlay was intertwined with his deep fascination for the speed of light and electromagnetic radiation processes, driving him to push the boundaries of innovation throughout his career. However, in 2023, a tragic boat accident left him missing, leaving countless people wondering about his fate.

This article delves into the incident’s intricate details, shedding light on the extensive search efforts undertaken to find the missing IT contractor. Moreover, it explores the profound impact this event has had on his family and friends, who are left grappling with uncertainty and grief.

Andrew Findlay missing

On that fateful day of July 20, 2023, a heart-wrenching event unfolded in Sydney, Australia, with the sudden disappearance of 50-year-old tech entrepreneur Andrew Findlay. Together with 59-year-old art dealer Tim Clingender, they set out on a fishing trip that ended in tragedy.

Their fishing boat journey began at approximately 7:30 am, departing from Sydney Heads, with the plan to fish from Bondi to Watson Bay. Little did they know that the elements had something dreadful in store for them. The waves surged to a menacing 5 meters high, and the boat, a 7.8-meter-long, 4-ton inflatable, capsized, eventually crashing against the rocks on the edges of Watson Bay.



Andrew Findlay is missing
Andrew Findlay, founder and senior advisor of AtherX, has been missing since July 20, 2023. (Source: Australia)

In the aftermath of the collision, rescue teams launched a determined search mission, but their efforts yielded a heartrending outcome – the lifeless body of Tim Klingender was recovered. However, Andrew Findlay remained elusive, and despite an extensive three-day search, the authorities had to call off the operation, shrouding the situation in uncertainty and grief.

Andrew Findlay is missing
Andrew Findley’s friend Tim Klingander was found dead after a boating accident. (Source: Sydney Morning Paper,

Marine Area Command Chief, Joe McNulty, reported that no mechanical faults were detected in the boat. Nevertheless, he raised concerns about the pair’s proximity to the perilous cliff, suggesting that it might have contributed to the tragic crash.

As the search for Andrew Findlay continues, family, friends, and the community are left grappling with the unanswered questions surrounding this sorrowful incident. The impact on their lives is profound, reminding us of the unpredictability of fate and the fragility of human existence.

Computer Entrepreneur Found After Boat Wreck?

In the wake of the devastating boat accident, a massive search and rescue operation was launched to locate Andrew Findlay and the wreckage of the ill-fated boat.

Numerous agencies collaborated tirelessly in the search, with three Marine Rescue NSW boats deployed on Thursday and Saturday, complemented by an additional five boats on Friday.

Volunteers from Botany Port Hacking, Westpac Rescue helicopters, NSW Surf lifeboats, and NSW police divers actively joined forces in the relentless search effort.

Despite their concerted endeavors, the challenging weather conditions posed significant obstacles, with waves surging up to four meters high and fierce winds prevailing on Saturday. As a result, divers and jet skis had to be temporarily withdrawn until conditions improved.

Authorities expanded the search area, spanning a vast 9-kilometer stretch from South Head to Cape Solander in the east.


Andrew Findlay is missing
Sydney businessman Andrew Findlay and his friend, Sydney’s leading art dealer Tim Clingender, were involved in a boating accident in Sydney’s Watson Bay. (Source: rna,

Meanwhile, divers courageously combed the depths, plunging up to 1000 meters into the ocean, in pursuit of Andrew Findlay’s body and crucial evidence to aid the coroner’s investigation.

After days of uncertainty and anguish, a ray of hope emerged when news broke that Andrew Findlay had been located, alive and safe. This miraculous turn of events brought immense relief to his family, friends, and the community, who had held their breath during the anxious wait.

While the tragic accident has left deep scars, the discovery of Andrew Findlay alive reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of determination in the face of adversity.

Andrew Findlay presumed dead after boat accident

Amidst the relentless search efforts, the heartbreaking truth eventually surfaced, leaving Andrew Findlay presumed dead after the boating accident.

The news of his passing has cast a veil of sorrow over his family, particularly his wife, Sky McCardle, and their three children, who now confront the profound emptiness of losing a loving husband and father.

At the time of the incident, Sky McCardle was in Nepal, and the devastating news traveled across continents to reach her. Upon learning of the tragic fate that befell her beloved husband, she hastened back to Sydney, where she arrived on July 21, 2023.


Andrew Findlay is missing
Andrew Findlay is missing and his family is heartbroken at the thought of his death. (Source: Sydney Morning Paper,

In the wake of this immense loss, Ms. McCardle finds herself shouldering the responsibility of caring for their two teenage children, who also grapple with the pain of their father’s untimely departure.

Amidst this overwhelming grief, Sky McCardle stands strong, providing steadfast support to her children as they navigate through this difficult period of mourning. The family and friends of Andrew Findlay come together to cherish his memory and celebrate the impact he made during his all-too-brief time with them.

Boat Accident Questions by Andrew Findlay

As authorities tirelessly pursue the truth behind the boat accident, their investigation delves into the potential contributing factors to the tragic sinking.

Among the angles being explored are mechanical failure and the influence of high impact elements, which may have played a role in the fateful rollover.

However, specific details surrounding the circumstances of the incident remain undisclosed, as the search operation continues its meticulous quest for answers.

The devastating boat crash, occurring near Watsons Bay in Sydney, claimed the life of Andrew Findlay, a promising IT entrepreneur, leaving his loved ones in a state of heartache and uncertainty. Despite extensive search efforts, Andrew’s body remains elusive, prompting the police to scale back their operations while the investigation endures.


Andrew Findlay is missing
Andrew Findlay, president of AtherX, is presumed dead after he went missing in a boating accident. (Source: daily telegram,

Tragically, the accident also claimed the life of another individual, Tim Clingender, adding to the grief that engulfs his family and friends.

This solemn event serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of taking necessary precautions during recreational activities, especially in dynamic and unpredictable waters.

Our deepest sympathies extend to the families of the victims, and we earnestly await the closure and understanding that the ongoing investigation may bring to this heart-rending incident.

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